Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 Came to Slap Everyone in the Face

What have you done? Another year over, a new one just begun.
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Well lets see....
Is it just me or did 2010 just show up out of the blue?  It could possibly be that I just keep getting older and you know what they say: "the older you get, the faster time goes by."
(once again I've made a reference to "they" and I have no idea who the "they" guys are.)
Speaking of these no-name fact makers... I dont usually like any of the facts that "they" have suggested.
For example like this one:
I mean who in their right mind ever liked this saying...granted its probably true but still..
Why so negative..geez!

  I would write a memo, if "they" ever turned out to have names. 

The Memo would read something like this:

Dear Bogus Fact Makers of Lies,
Did you know that all of your facts, which by the way should NOT technically be called facts... are extremely lame? Yup, they are and I think you all lie and thats not right!


sure do which I realize is completely unrelated and probably uncalled for. 
 my fault.

A quick recap of 2009:

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOSHHHHH! ...ahh yes its all coming back to me..

Moved into an amazing apartment right in town close to all of my favorite things.
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Oh yeah there is a starbucks not even a mile from me, a movie theater, grocery store, blockbuster, lots of good clothing stores, and a best buy.  What else could I possibly need?

Came to many realizations of who I am, what I'm capable of, whats important, and how to push myself when I need to.
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Met a boy, then another, then another, then another, and then a few more.......and repeat.
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Reunited with a best friend I grew up with and realized that sometimes the amount of time that passes between friends doesn't matter at all.  You can always pick up right where you left off.
I love good friends...
Still doing what we do...

Met tons of new people, made awesome friends, lost a few, loved hard, laughed tons, played tough, tested strength, learned what having faith really means, and gave it my all.
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Saw tons of amazing concerts!
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Welcomed much change with open arms instead of running from it
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Made many memories that will remain with me forever, even if they only fade to a frozen picture in time.
Time Of You Life

Cabin, girls, a few cameras, a bathroom.. it always happens..

"She came in through the bathroom window...protected by a silver spoon...." -Beatles
If it seems like we take a lot of pics in the bathroom.. well... I'm beginning to realize that.
Beachtime and peace signs..

Made it through the night with our dignity still in tact.
Believe it or not.
When the shades get put on, we mean business!

were so not...I'm kidding!
We do silly things, but youre still not better than us.
And it goes on and on and on..

Here's to the future and new memories...
because you never know..
-it could happen..
This year is gonna be a good year! I just know it 'cos I feel it. 

If In Doubt
Until next time,
Sheree :-)